The Wrong Coffee

Quick thoughts I have as I’m waiting for A in the car pick up line.

What’s something small that completely ruins your mood? Take your time to think it through because I found out there are a lot more minor inconveniences I let get to me than I first thought. 

Do you ever have two coffee cups in your car -one that’s new and one that’s from the day before…or maybe even older than yesterday? Have you ever accidentally taken a confident sip of the older coffee instead of the fresh new one? It definitely isn’t pleasant, it’s gross, its lumpy, but it shouldn’t be mood ruining. So why do I let that ruin my whole mood? Why do I become sour over that sip? Yes, pun intended. 

Instead of being angry or overly irritated, I should be taking a step back from that tiny interaction and assess what’s really going on. Maybe it isn’t the fact that I just took a swig of something gross. Maybe I’m dealing with something deeper. Because something so small shouldn’t make me so angry so quickly. My day isn’t ruined, I’m just having a heart issue. 

Minor inconveniences have a way of bringing heart issues to the surface. Why did I become so ticked off when that person didn’t use their turn signal? It didn’t do anything to ruin my day – I was just minorly inconvenienced and it irritated me way more than it should have. Today I am going to focus on my own heart issue when I’m quickly irritated. 

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