That mom.

A mom just walked into the Tuesday gymnastics class for five year olds prancing around like the obnoxiously obviously overly bubbly person that she is. Her daughter, a thin embarrassed five year old, is trying her best to hide from her. I can’t blame her. Her mom’s nuts. She’s loud, she’s in your face, she’s so obviously that mom.

Before class begins she grabs her daughter and pulls out a makeup bag. Her poor little beautiful daughter is about to be doused with liquid foundation and mascara. Keep in mind this is a small class. Six kids. The rest of us “moms” watching the kids are in sweatshirts and leggings, not an ounce of makeup to be found. The kids are in Target brand leotards and their hair is a combination of disheveled mess, a busy day of being kids, and imperfection. They’re kids. It’s a gymnastics class. Who cares? They’re here to have fun.

But here walks in this mom who has probably had her child in classes with one on one coaching since before she could support her own head. You’ve probably seen her on Dance Moms, or at least seen her type.

It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. So if you’re that mom who wants to plant seeds in your kids heads that they aren’t good enough: go ahead. Do your thing.


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