Childlike Joy

There really is nothing like the absolute joy of a child. My friend’s daughter was given a working play sink for Christmas – running water and everything. Very cool! She was so excited for me to put it together. We played with the new baby dolls, the barbies, the doctor stuff, we had a tea party, we played with everything! But she was most excited for that sink. She showed me where the screwdriver and batteries were so I could bring the sink to life.

Oh my word. The look on her face when she turned the water on for the first time was priceless. How can a kid get so excited about washing dishes?! But it reminded me of my joys that turned into chores throughout my life. How awesome would it be if we looked at those everyday chores through the eyes of a child? A child who has the desire to learn new things, and help out more. Because helping mom out is a happy moment for her. It brings her so much joy.

So I urge you to start thinking like a kid again and get excited to wash those dishes, do the laundry, and sweep the floors. Life is too short to be miserable.


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