Oh How He Loves Me!

Praise the Lord. I received a call this morning from my insurance company regarding the lawsuit against me. I politely interrupted him and gave him my moms name and number. I cannot handle it any longer. Ended the call with him and within a few minutes get a call from my mom. THEY DROPPED THE LAWSUIT. What?! SERIOUSLY?! I won’t have to go to a million court dates. I won’t have to get a lawyer. I won’t have to try and find thousands of dollars that I do not have. They dropped the lawsuit.

Oh Heavenly Father I struggled to praise You through that storm but I cried out to you mercilessly. I felt helpless over those countless nights laying awake filled with anxiety and frustration but You were there. You saw me through it. You held me through it all. You knew the outcome. You probably shook Your head at me as I shook with anxiety and frustration. I worried. I panicked. I cried a lot. I haven’t slept. But You knew what was going to happen. Your grace through my stupidity is immeasurable.


Phew. Lord. Your grace is fantastic, it is undeserved, it is beautiful, and in my life it is oh so necessary. I struggle big time with falling on my knees at the cross and handing my worries over. I choose 9 times out of 10 to stay in control and hold on to all of the anxieties that drag me down. Where would I be without You?


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