I’m trying to give up coffee, as well as gluten, dairy, sugar, and every other thing in the entire world that brings a smile to my face. (Joking…) But I’m really struggling with kicking coffee. I love coffee. I live, breathe, eat coffee. My grandparents own a coffee company. I work for that coffee company. Mmmmmm coffffffeeeeeeee.

Coffee is something that brings me joy. The understatement of the year is love coffee. Because I do. I started drinking coffee at a young age. I think that’s what happens when you have school, work, and sports full time. You learn to love the life source that is caffeinated goodness.

Maybe I don’t give up coffee. Maybe I give up the almond milk I put into my coffee to make it even more delicious and desirable. Because to me, coffee is not the problem. Coffee has many health benefits. I would just need to learn to love black coffee more than I do now. Because I crave the almond milk in my coffee.

It’s also the only thing that keeps me sort of alive during the day dealing with chronic fatigue…and depression. Blah.

Are you tired of the word coffee? I didn’t think so. Coffee.


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