A Gesture

A wave or nod to someone who drives on the other side the road to avoid hitting someone running. A thank you to the kids who hold the door open for parents at school pick up. A pat on the back for a job well done. A high five for a race finished well. An understanding smile to a the mom in a grocery store struggling to manage screaming kids. Letting someone merge in traffic.

A gesture takes little to no thought, little to no energy, and little to no time. Yet it can absolutely make the day of the person on the receiving end. It can give them renewed hope and a moment of relief from whatever they’re going through.

Every day I try to find something to compliment someone about. It’s usually hair color. I love splashes of color in someone’s hair or a whole head of crazy colors. I love telling a stranger I love their hair. It’s not anything major, it only takes a few seconds, and I hope to have planted a seed of joy in their heart. I hope they see Jesus in me through my words and actions.

I think that’s what it’s really about, being Jesus to everyone around us. Being kind, genuine, loving, caring, and willing to go out of our way for someone else even if it doesn’t benefit us at all.

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