My ultimate life goal is to be a wife and mom and work in student ministry. BUT my ultimate career goal is to work in the medical field as an in-home pediatric nurse or be a culinary instructor and run a non-profit, teaching kids how to grow, raise, and cook their own food. This would include having a lot of land, maybe eventually taking over my grandparent’s farm, rebuilding the barn, building tons of raised garden beds, and turning the first floor into a massive teaching kitchen. That plan would take years to come to life, it would require grants and licenses and permits and a relationship with the surrounding school districts and maybe even food banks and halfway homes. It’s a plan that hasn’t left the safe space of my thoughts. It’s a plan that doesn’t have any legs to stand on…it’s not even a plan yet. It’s still an idea. But it’s my idea and I want it to come true someday. #LordWilling #HisPlansAreGreaterThanMyOwn

My backup survival plan? Apparently, it’s the Marketing Coordinator for a CPA firm. If you would have told me a year ago I would have a desk job I would have laughed in your face. This isn’t where I see myself. This isn’t where I find joy. This is where I am currently asking the Lord what He would like me to learn while I am here because it’s slowly stifling my creativity and killing me. The longer I’m here the more it feels like I’m standing in concrete that is quickly hardening and impeding my ability to escape.

Am I working towards my ultimate career goal? Yes. I just sent in my application to become a member of the city planning board for my town. Fingers crossed and four million prayers that they accept my application and call me in for an interview. Am I too young to be on the city planning board? Possibly. Am I underqualified? Maybe. But I have invested countless hours into my town and I love it enough to volunteer to improve it.

My goals and dreams are lofty but I’ve got Leslie Knope and the Lord on my side. Nothing is impossible.


Proverbs 16:9 Our heart plans our course, but the Lord determines our steps.

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