Dear USPS…

I found Josh the most perfect Christmas present ever. I was so proud of myself! It was going to be his ‘big present’. I contacted this incredible forge shop I found in France 3 months before Christmas. I was promised to have it shipped within a month, even paid extra on top of the already hefty shipping charge. And everything was good to go!

Cue me receiving the ‘delivered’ notification on October 26th. I checked EVERYWHERE. Nothing. I went to the tracking site, saw that it was delivered to Puyullup, Washington. Which is almost THREE THOUSAND MILES AWAY. That’s clear on the other side of the country. Let me show you on a map how ridiculous this is. Hold please….

This is a map of the United States of America. I am the purple star in Pennsylvania…which is the one on the right side of the map. And Puyallup is the star on the left side of the map. 2772 miles away.

Some guy signed for this huge package from France that says my full name on it and took it. I’m sure he realized his mistake and has not tried to rectify it. The USPService insists there is nothing they can do and are not willing to continue trying to get the package back. I have explained to them numerous times that this is an expensive item custom made from a forge in France and they do not care. The forge in France is making another one for free and sending that to me. Hopefully this one doesn’t end up in Washington state because I am just going to fly out there and have some words with this guy T ERLEWINE. If you happen to know a ‘T Erlewine’ from Washington state, please do me a favor and get my package back. I would be most appreciative.

I will let you all know how this super fun adventure ends!

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