Easy Sangria

Typically I would go the more difficult path of making the juices myself, doing lots of muddling, and using a dry wine…but I wanted easy and quick. So here’s that recipe.


1 Navel Orange
20 Green Grapes
1 Lime
1 Lemon
1 Green Apple


2/3 Cup Simply Peach
1/3 Cup Tropicana Tangerine Lemonade
1 2/3 Cups Minute Maid Light Fruit Punch


1 Cup Peach Brandy
2 Cups Banty Red Sweet Red Wine
First thing’s first, cut the fruit, I cut the grapes in half, everything else gets sliced. Place into a glass pitcher, or a plastic pitcher, I don’t judge. Measure out the juices and the al-cha-mahals. Use the handle side of a wooden spoon to smoosh and stir everything together.

Stick that in the fridge for anywhere from 2 hours to overnight, you want everything to marinate together and be totally scrumptiously yummy.
If you are planning on making this for a party, I would at least triple the amounts of everything.


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