Do you know what’s annoying?

When you have someone in your life who cares about you and keeps you accountable. They try and take care of you when you’re sick, or cold, or not properly taking care of your car. They remind you to do things and take your meds. It’s just so annoying.

So here I am actually actively working on my relationship with God, and scheduling appointments with a psychiatrist, and changing my car’s oil, and going to the doctor. Gosh. I’m just so irritated.

How dare this person care about me?

*rolls eyes*

Obviously, I’m being sarcastic.

It’s an extremely refreshing and much-needed blessing that I didn’t know I needed. I’ve spent most of my life not giving a flying crap about myself, sick all the time, depressed, anxious, just not really doing life how I should be doing life. So the caring reminders are needed. The push to take care of myself is needed. I found someone who isn’t getting my life together for me – but is encouraging me to get my own life together.

If that makes sense.

I have a 103 fever right now so what makes total sense in my head might be coming out as gibberish. How long is too long to have a fever over 100? *quick google search* So it’s bad that my fever has been high for almost two weeks. The good news is I don’t have to worry about permanent brain damage because it hasn’t hit 107.6! *happy dance*