Chrissy Teigen’s Loss

Let me begin this post by saying I am a Pro-Life advocate and supporter. I have been following Lila Rose since she spoke at my college in 2012. And I appreciate that she has been posting to her pages about Chrissy Teigen’s loss. I don’t know her motives for posting. But I know that every time I see a post regarding their loss I can pray for her and other mama’s who have lost babies.

There is an unhealthy and toxic mindset saturating the comments of Lila’s posts and Chrissy’s posts. Comments that she should not feel pain for this or grieve the loss of her son or she deserves this because in the past she has supported abortion and she is Pro-Choice.

Now, I could totally be wrong, but the Jesus I follow would have mourned with Chrissy. He would not be bringing up her faults or past ignorance. He would be sad for her and with her.

Why aren’t we more like Jesus? Why are we slamming her and condemning her during this time of mourning? Instead of hating her…pray for her. We are not called to like everyone but we are called to love them.