My Coffee Bar

This is my little safe haven…it cost 1/3 of my closet hanging space but it was well worth it to have a place of respite and caffeine. Oh precious caffeine. I do cold brew, my bodum is currently in the fridge soaking in ground espresso, . Plus cube storage, which is great for all of my shaker cups, yeti’s, and fabric bins full of things that don’t fit into my dresser.

This works perfectly since I have such a small space to work with.

  • Rose Gold Wire Baskets: Walmart $3.46
  • Tiny Mugs: Walmart $0.94
  • Floating Shelves Espresso Finish: Amazon $16.99
  • Square Floating Shelves Espresso Finish: Amazon $18.99
  • Fake Succulent: Target from the dollar section
  • Fabric Cube Organizers: Target $5.00
  • Letter board from HomeGoods but here is a similar one: Target $12.99
  •  Highly Caffeinated and Wildly Ambitious Sign from HomeGoods
  • 6 Cube Organizer: Walmart $29.00
  • Tall Glass Air Tight Jar: Similar one from Amazon $10.99


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I’m trying to give up coffee, as well as gluten, dairy, sugar, and every other thing in the entire world that brings a smile to my face. (Joking…) But I’m really struggling with kicking coffee. I love coffee. I live, breathe, eat coffee. My grandparents own a coffee company. I work for that coffee company. Mmmmmm coffffffeeeeeeee.

Coffee is something that brings me joy. The understatement of the year is love coffee. Because I do. I started drinking coffee at a young age. I think that’s what happens when you have school, work, and sports full time. You learn to love the life source that is caffeinated goodness.

Maybe I don’t give up coffee. Maybe I give up the almond milk I put into my coffee to make it even more delicious and desirable. Because to me, coffee is not the problem. Coffee has many health benefits. I would just need to learn to love black coffee more than I do now. Because I crave the almond milk in my coffee.

It’s also the only thing that keeps me sort of alive during the day dealing with chronic fatigue…and depression. Blah.

Are you tired of the word coffee? I didn’t think so. Coffee.


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep and I have a love hate relationship. Most nights I need to take medication in order to fall asleep or get more than a few hours of restless sleep. But when I’m not on my meds, it’s easy to allow the depression and anxiety to take over my sleep schedule. There is no normal. It’s either no sleep at all, or too much sleep. I can easily sleep for twelve hours and still be completely exhausted the next day.

Last night I slept from 11pm-2am thanks to the dogs barking non stop at something that was trying to get into the chicken coup. I’m a zombie today. Chugging the coffee…becoming one with the coffee. So excuse me if I seem entirely incoherent. It’s because I am.

Here’s to hoping I feel like a human again sometime today!