Speaking of schedules…

Something I learned during my Covid quarantine is I need me time. My schedule leading up to quarantine was dangerously packed. And if I didn’t have anything scheduled I was almost guaranteed to have a mental breakdown. Not exactly healthy.

Now I am intentional with what I schedule into my life. I want to make sure I’m not scheduling so much in that I forget my cup also needs to be filled, that my life also needs attention. I want to make sure I have actual time with my boyfriend. I want to make sure that I have openings for a friend or student texting me, “Hey can you grab coffee today?“. I want to make sure my Bible gets cracked open more than just once a week on Sunday mornings. I want to make sure my mental health gets taken care of. I want to make sure I don’t implode when change happens, but embrace it and lean into God. “Okay Lord, my time on this earth is a gift from You, use it.”

My time is not my own. My time is the Lord’s. What am I doing with this time? Am I glorifying Him? Serving Him? Leading others to Him? Am I working on my mental health, my relationship, my friendships, my communication with my family? Or am I so busy I’m not living in the moment, I’m just pushing through a crammed schedule so I don’t feel anything?

I need to be an intentional steward of my time starting with making God #1.



What does being intentional mean to you? Does the word stand out as something important?

  1. done on purpose; deliberate.

As Christians we need to be deliberate in our words, our actions, our thoughts, our prayers, everything we do needs to be intentional. Intentional ministry, intentional fellowship. We are called to be deliberate, to serve, to worship, to love. What if we started each day with the thought to be intentional, to do things on purpose? I think we would touch more lives, and be more fulfilled ourselves.

Instead of just going through the motions: wake up, eat breakfast, drink coffee, drive to work, work, drive to the gym, drive home, eat dinner, shower, go to bed – let’s switch it up a bit. Challenge ourselves to act deliberately. With great intention for the Lord. With intention to love Him and love on those around us. Open our eyes and actually take in our surroundings. Intentionally break away from the clutch of our phones to see who or what is around us.

How can we be a light if we walk through life with our heads down? Be intentional.