Christmas Crafts!

Pinterest is such an incredible source for all things Christmas printables! I found plenty of dot painting printables (free), and a really awesome free printable – Build-A-Santa


The Color A Bone is also super adorable! For sale at Pet Smart or click this link. Only $2.47! You can’t beat such a creative present for your little ones to make for your fur babies.





Halloween Treat Buckets

Halloween is almost here! I LOVE Halloween. 

I enjoy putting together special goody bags for the kids I work with. This year I am putting something together for my former nanny kids but I have very little time. Meaning I can’t make any fancy treats or caramel apples or drizzled pretzel rods. So I went to Target (#NotSponsored) and went a little crazy putting together treat buckets for. Of course…I also made one for their parents because why not 🙂 

Here is a breakdown of what I spent:

  • 100 Grand Bars – Fun Size – $0.23 each – 10 Pieces – $2.30
  • Reese’s Take 5 Bars – Fun Size – $0.20 each – 10 Pieces – $2.00
  • Snicker’s XScream Bars – Fun Size – $0.18 each – 10 Pieces – $1.80
  • Candy Corn – $1.00 each – $2.00
  • Peeps – $1.00 each – $2.00
  • Fudge Covered Pretzel Rods – $0.62 each – 6 Pieces – $3.72
  • Cookie Bark Bars – $1.99 each – $3.98
  • Mini M&M’s – $1.00 each – $2.00
  • Star Wars Candy Dispenser – $2.84 each – $5.68 
  • Kind Bark – $3.79
  • Chocolate Covered Almonds – $2.79
  • Halloween Bucket – $0.75 each – $2.25

$34.31 Total for 3 Filled Treat Buckets

Certainly not budget friendly but knowing this expense was coming up I gave up my second coffee of the day for the past week and a half. I am not even joking. But I love being able to treat those I’m closest to. This is definitely a major sourse of joy for me. I can’t wait to have my own kids that I can bless with fun treats from time to time.


I hope this post inspires you! Let me know how you’re ‘treating’ those close to you this Halloween!