Recovery, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hospital, but I really love HUP because they understand everything I’ve been through and don’t treat me like I’m four years old. I’m irritated and exhausted and the pain in currently getting to me, so I’m gonna rant for a little bit before I delve into the details.

The unpleasantness of yesterday was filled with the IV not going in, the nurse hit a valve in my vein, had to bring the whole IV team in, they finally found a spot but it took awhile for the vein they hit the valve in to stop bleeding. They also put a lovely sharp needle right into my belly. My nurse was rude and impatient, she could not have cared less I had been fasting for over 16 hours and being stuck with a million needles was causing me irritation. She was even worse during post op. They sliced open my neck…of course I’ll be in pain. And they ignored my allergy list and gave me Vicodin. They almost sent me home with a prescription for Vicodin too! Then they got pissed off when I questioned what pain medication they were giving me after I explicitly stated Percocet numerous times. Two nurses had a loud argument with each other directly over my bed.

I requested my favorite nurse and needle lady Sue to help me out from there on. She was great and sweet as always.

The 18 year old PA was an incompetent moron who tried to explain how my allergic reaction to Vicodin was a “one time fluke” even though it’s happened all five times I’ve had it. He didn’t know how to explain that, refused to believe it’s an allergy and then denied me going on Percocet. So I had him call my surgeon. He returned to my room with his tail between his legs and handed me a script for Percocet. I don’t know what’s so hard about reading a chart, or seeing the wrist bands on my arm that say “ALLERGY” and “LATEX ALLERGY”.

There were a few minor complications so the surgery ended up being three hours long with two hours post op in the recovery room. The surgeons added a week to my recovery time so instead of bed rest for one week they want bed rest for two weeks. I’m not a happy camper. BUT it could be worse because they decided to not put a drain in my neck! Praise GOD! I have a fever right now, and if it goes any higher we have to call the doctors. So prayers for that would be great.

I’m already bored and I’ve only been home for 17 hours. I’ve been sleeping most of the time. It’s painful to move, cough, breathe, and swallow. I’m drinking plenty of fluids, water, watered down apple juice, and coffee. Mom’s gonna pick up ice cream and mix it with almond milk for me later so I can have a milkshake. Hopefully I can swallow that without too much pain.

Zack’s clutch blew in the Subaru so it’s been a huge praise he can drive my car until he fixes his car! So yay for that!

I have requested no one contact me, call me, text me, message me, email me, or smoke signal me. My mom has her phone on her, is very educated, and is up to date on my current situation. I’m also not allowed to talk for a few days – doctors orders, it could mean I ruin my vocal chords for life. No offense, I have received a bunch of requests for visits but I’m in a ton of pain and I’m sleeping a lot.

Also thank you to those who have sent flowers, thoughts, prayers, and comforting words. It is truly appreciated and I am very grateful.